Horseshoe Lake, 2016

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Thumbnail Title Description Date Date Added This collection of photographs and documents related to the history of the Standard Oil refinery were loaned to us by the Wood River Museum to be digitized. October 1, 2018 This collection of digital photos show the renovation of the Benjamin Stephenson House in Edwardsville. In 1999, the City of Edwardsville bought the home from the SIUE chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. The fraternity had owned the home since 1982. The house was subsequently restored to how it was in 1820 as a living history museum. The photos were given to us by RoxAnn Raisner, Director of the Stephenson House. October 17, 2018
SPAlbum_001.jpg This collection contains books telling the history of St. Paul Lutheran Church, located in Hamel, Illinois. July 10, 2019
CHM-P-0118.jpg This collection contains photographs of employees and facilities of the St. Louis Smelting and Refining Company, located in Collinsville. The photographs were digitized at the Collinsville Historical Museum and copies were donated to Madison Historical,. March 21, 2019
1919-09_001.jpg These magazines were loaned to us by the Wood River Oil Refinery History Museum to digitize. They are a series of magazines published over the course of three years, starting during WWI as a link between the company and service members. This monthly magazine was named “Dawn” and underwent a name change in 1918. The magazine features poems, cartoons, short stories, company information, letters from soldiers, photos, celebrations, pictorials of employees who are service members, and much more. The information was largely contributed by employees and staff members. In the last issue of the magazine the President van der Gracht stated, “We have been feeling, of late, that ‘Roxoleum,’ which was created as a special periodical for times of unusual disturbance, and as a tie between the staff at home and our boys at the battle front or in the training camps, has now fulfilled its purpose and that we can lay it to rest with this issue.” 1918 - 1920 November 6, 2017
Diamond_I_Products_front_cover_ed_web.jpg This collection of photographs, documents, and a glass catalog relates to the history of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company in Alton. They were loaned to us by the Alton Museum of History and Art to digitize. December 6, 2016
SRMSC_P_0004.jpg These photos, originally hosted on the online archive, are of Nike Site SL-10 in Marine, an anti-aircraft missile site built to protect the St. Louis metro region from enemy bombers during the Cold War. 1968 September 13, 2017
Mudge-Steve-P-034-A.jpg This collection contains photographs and documents related to the history of the Mudge family, loaned to Madison Historical to be scanned by local attorney Steve Mudge. March 4, 2019
Mudge-Steve-D-0021.pdf This collection of letters were sent to and from E. W. Mudge prior to and during the American Civil War. Mudge served in the Confederate army during the war, while one his brothers served in the Union army. March 11, 2019
Gibson-Bob-P-0114.jpg This collection contains photographs from 1926 and 2002 of the interior and exterior of the Madison County Tuberculosis Sanitarium in Edwardsville, which became the Madison County Nursing Home in the 1970s. The photographs show the damage to the building resulting from mine subsidence, as well as attempts to prevent further subsidence in the 1920s. The building was torn down in the early 2000s. 1926 September 21, 2017