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Wood River Museum Standard Oil Collection (199 total)

This collection of photographs and documents related to the history of the Standard Oil refinery were loaned to us by the Wood River Museum to be digitized.

  • Collection: Wood River Museum Standard Oil Collection
Thumbnail Title Description Date Date Added
1957 Standard Oil Company Booth at Alton Industry Exposition This is a black and white photograph of a Standard Oil Company table set up celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Standard Oil. The display includes pump globes and Standard Oil cans. There is no image in the center picture frame. 1957 October 25, 2018
Two Men Standing on Stage Outdoor This is a black and white 8' by 10" photograph of two men on an outdoor stage. One appears to be holding a book in air, which has smoke coming from it while the other holds a microphone. The men are labeled with Post-It notes as Slim Longwisch on the left and John Bacheldor on the right. The man at bottom of stage looking up is labeled as Clarence Ansell. There is no further information on back. The photo was taken as a part of the 1957 50th Anniversary festivities of the Wood River, Standard Oil refinery. 1957 October 25, 2018
1947 Flood Photograph of Standard Oil Company Sign This is a small black and white photograph labeled on the back as, "Flood 1947 p 17 Units." In the foreground is a sidewalk with rising waters, a fence, and a "Standard Oil Company Crown Gasoline" billboard. 1947 October 25, 2018
Gev Nauyork, Dorothy Lyons, and Mr. Lyons with Dog Tour the Standard Oil Refinery This black and white photograph depicts Gev Nauyork standing in the Standard Oil Refinery yard with a Oil Logo Badge, while Dorothy Lyons is pushing man, labeled Mr Lyons, in a wheelchair. The people are labeled with Post-It notes. The back is labeled, "standing Gev Nauyok." Unknown October 25, 2018
Men and Women Drinking Soda Outdoors This is a black and white Photograph of about fifteen people standing around a table. Some people are drinking and opening sodas. The man with the Standard Oil/Amoco Logo Badge on his suit jacket and stands on the far right is labeled Carl Ullman. The man in front of Carl Ullman is labeld Gev Nauyok. The three people shown in the center drinking sodas are labeled left to right as Jimmy Earl, Harold Gihring, and Dorothy Gihring. Mary Hufker is shown on the far left in a polka dot dress. Unknown October 25, 2018
1955 Standard Office Personnel in front of Main Office Building This is a black and white photograph with white border and label. The image depicts office personnel standing and sitting on the steps in front of the main office building. A sign for the building reads "Office Standard Oil Co." The bottom middle of the front of the image is labeled, "Personnel in picture taken of Main Office Force September, 1955." On the back of the image is penned, "p 15 Remember when." Additionally an attached piece of carbon paper lists the names of the personnel in the photograph arranged in rows from left to right. September 1955 October 24, 2018
1920 Safety Directors Meeting by Department Heads This is an albumen print photograph with white trim of about fifty men standing and sitting in large room at tables set for a luncheon. The men are all wearing suits. The bottom middle of the image is labeled "Safety Director's Meeting of the Plant Departamental Heads, Standard Oil Company - WoodRIver, Ill. July - 27 - 1920." On the back of the image in the top left corner in pencil is written, "Picture taken in old Cafeteria stood where parking lot is across from entrance to Amoco." July 27, 1920 October 24, 2018
1954 Control Room Photograph This is a black and white photograph of a man standing in front of large dial gauges, breakers and control masts. The image is labeled on the front bottom middle, "1954 - Control Room". The back of the image is labeled, "P 16 Units" and "Control Room Standard Oil Co. Refinery Wood River 1954." 1954 October 24, 2018
Stamped Postcard Standard Oil Office This is a black and white postcard, of the front and left side of the Main Office building. The bottom left corner of the image on the postcard is labeled "Standard Oil Office, Wood River Ill." Written on the back, "Mon - 19, Dear Aunt Effie: Would you please bring Helen's and my 'wedgies' [unintelligble] when you come Weds? Please thats all now. See you Weds Love, Caral." This postcard is addressed to "Miss E.H. MarKey 756 N 75th St. E. St. Louis, Illinois" and is stamped with a "1 cent George Washington United States Postage Stamp" The post office stamp reads, "Bettendorf IOWA June 19 1:30 PM 1939." June 19, 1939 October 24, 2018
Paper Print of Power Station Operators at Standard Oil This is a black and white photograph printed on cardstock. The bottom of the image is labeled "Power Station Operators: From left - John Bacheldor, Charles Davidson, Robert Hartman, Tim McCarthy, Art Proctor." Circa 1950 October 24, 2018