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Maryville Mining Collection (15 total)

This collection contains photographs and documents related to the mining history of Maryville, most of them related to the Donk Bros. Mining Company. The items were digitized at the Maryville Heritage Museum and copies were donated to Madison Historical.

  • Collection: Maryville Mining Collection
Thumbnail Title Description Date Date Added
High School Senior Louis Neptune in Coal Miner Baseball Uniform This is a black and white photograph of high school senior Louis Neptune in a coal miner baseball uniform circa 1930s November 13, 2019
Hole From Mining Trash Dump from the Donk Brothers Mine no. 2 This is a black and white photograph of a mining trash dump at the Donk Brothers Mine no. 2. The railroad is visible on the left, with a locomotive pulling a series of coal cars. In the center of the image a group of men and women are present seen standing around the pit. circa 1920s November 13, 2019
Illinois Terminal Engine Number 30 This is a black and white photograph of the "Illinois Terminal" Engine no. 30. The engine appears to be pulling railcarts of coal behind it. four are visible in the image. The engine has steam coming from its chimney stack. A conductor can be seen leaning out of the window of the train. circa 1900s November 13, 2019
Two Donk Brothers Miners and Man in Suit inside Mine Shaft This is a Black and white photograph of two Donk Brothers Miners sitting on a piece of machinery and squatting with a shovel and a man in a suit conversing inside the Donk no. 2 mine shaft. Circa 1910s November 13, 2019
Woman Standing in Front of Mine Entrance Building to "Donk Bros.Coal & Coke Co. Mine no. 2" This is a photograph of a woman in a dark dress standing in the foreground of a photograph with the Donk no. 2 mine entrance in the background. The image is undated. circa 1920s November 13, 2019