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Maryville Baseball Collection (26 total)

This collection contains photographs and documents related to the Southwestern Illinois Intercity Baseball League, particularly focused on the Maryville team, the Maryville Red Sox. The items were digitized at the Maryville Heritage Museum and copies were donated to Madison Historical.

  • Collection: Maryville Baseball Collection
Thumbnail Title Description Date Date Added
1943 Mike Semanisin in Norfolk Team Uniform with Bat This is a black and white photograph of Mike Semanisin standing next to a baseball field posing with a bat. Semanisin played baseball at Nebraska state and semi-professionally for the Nebraska Norfolk Elks in 1943 at the age of 22. 1943 November 13, 2019
1967 Maryville Over Age 35 Team This is a black and white team photograph of the Maryville over age 35 team on September 28, 1967. 1967 November 13, 2019
1934 Robert 'Bob' Boken at Bat in White Sox Uniform This is a photograph of Robert "Bob" Boken swinging a baseball bat in 1934 in his Chicago White Sox uniform. Boken was an infeilder for the Washington Senators for the 1933-1934 season and the White Sox in 1934. 1934 November 13, 2019
Maryville Baseball Pitcher Laying on Field This is a black and white photograph of a Maryville Baseball team the front of the photograph is labeled "Tired Pitcher - Mane K. Teddie." The player is wearing the origianl black Maryville Cardinals Baseball Team Uniform. circa 1920s - 1930s November 13, 2019
Portrait of Vernon Lucas This is a black and white portrait of Vernon Lucas, the founder of the Southwestern Illinois Intercity Baseball League. circa 1940 - 1950 November 13, 2019
1947 Walter Schuerbaum  in Augusta Georgia Posing at Bat This is a black and white photograph of Water Schuerbaum taken in 1947 in Augusta Georgia, wearing an Augusta uniform posing at bat in a baseball stadium. 1947 November 13, 2019