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Letter from one of the Mudge brothers to E.W. Mudge, October 13th, 1859


“Letter from one of the Mudge brothers to E.W. Mudge, October 13th, 1859,” Madison Historical, accessed February 24, 2024,


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This is a letter from one of the Mudge brothers to E.W. Mudge. In it, he reminices about childhood memories. Fragments of this letter are missing.


  • Dear Mother,

    Please send this to Willie. Love and a kiss to all my Mother, Father, Aunty and all soon

    Hinckley Hall

    Flushing Institute, October 13, 1859

    Dear Willie,

                I received your welcome letter of the 10th, this evening, and you don’t know how happy I felt at seeing the old well known hand again. That was good shooting of Reddy’s and I guess that you and I some of those days when we were coming home wet and tiered from the prairie, would like to have the same luck. [missing fragment] I remember those times: [missing fragment] tears in my eyes to [missing fragment] it makes me right [missing fragment] and the farm. [missing fragment] summer we boys for [missing fragment] in from New-[Orleans] [missing fragment] Mississippi on the [missing fragment] and shot and [missing fragment] hearts content. [missing fragment] almost as tall as

    Clint: I am content here, all but one thing is needed to make me happy; and that is to have you here with me. Oh! Willie you dont know what good times we boys have here; sometimes I think if you was only here to enjoy yourself with us; I would give anything, but fortune has willed it so that we must be parted for some time longer, so there is no need to grumble or find fault we only ought to be too glad for what we have got. How must [missing fragment]

    I did yours, [missing fragment]

    Your affectionate [missing fragment]


    Please send me [missing fragment]

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October 13, 1859


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