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Letter from H. Mudge to E.W. Mudge, January 31st, 1860


“Letter from H. Mudge to E.W. Mudge, January 31st, 1860,” Madison Historical, accessed February 24, 2024,


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This is a letter to E.W. Mudge from his brother H. Mudge. In it he writes about dancing with girls while at boarding school.


  • Flushing,         Jan 31, 1860

    Dear Willie,

                Here I am again trying to make out a letter. We take ‘dancing lessons,’ I want to let you know; and the girls do the same also; and if some of them ain’t pretty, I never saw a pretty girl. [Illegible] Billy boy, you don’t know how nice it is to swing a pretty miss around in the Polka or Waltz. These are as good looking girls here as I have ever seen in a long time, and that is a great “blessing”, at boarding school especially, for when you have the “blues” you can – get out of them as soon as possible!

    Brother William Mudge you must never get in love. It has been cold nights, and warm days for a long time, and is beginning to be disagreeable. I have not got much to say but the old thing, ( ish you was here) I would be twice as comfortable, but I must stop as the teacher is looking hard at me well it is against the rules to write letters in school. [illegible] my writing soon                        your aff Brother


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January 31, 1860


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