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Letter from E.W. Mudge to his mother, March 7th, 1863


“Letter from E.W. Mudge to his mother, March 7th, 1863,” Madison Historical, accessed March 1, 2024,


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This is a letter written by E.W. Mudge to his mother while at Camp Moore, Louisiana. Mudge details purchasing a new pair of shoes, the railroad not being in running condition, and a future employment opportunity.


  • Mar. 7th

    Camp Moore, La March 7th 1863

    Dear Mother,

                Mr. Dysant offering to take a letter to you from me I will write you a few lines, though I wrote you and my Sisters a long letter last week which I am not certain you will get I also wrote Hinckley Hall a long letter which I sent by the same source. Dr. Perkins arrived here from the City last week he said McHall gave him a bundle for me which was taken away from him by the Yankee Officer who searches this vessel. I was very sorry to lose them especially the boots and shoes but there is (no use crying over spild milk). Do not send me any thing more Mother unless you are certain it will reach me, for I have enough to get along with for about six months, I bought a pair of shoes two or three days ago which I paid twenty dollars for they are not very good but will last me one or two months anyway, Mr. Dysant  will leyt me have what clothes he brought out for himself for little or nothing, and then I will be comfortably fixed for Camp or any where else. I have no heard from Georgy for a long time, the reason of which is that the Rail Roads are not in Running condition.

     Mr. Chamberlain is very kind he offers to do any thing for me in his power and will let me have any thing I want on my own account.

    I am getting no salary from Mr. Hatch at present because there is so little to do, Mother, I think very strongly of remaining with him when we get the city back again. for a year or two he will give me eleven hundred dollars a year, and having that to start on Mother I think I could farm to some advantage, but I will not decide upon what to do until I see Mr. Hall and the Rest of you. The bearer has a letter for Sue which maybe he will give to some of you to give to her. Sister Emily in her next letter to Hinsk must remember me to him and let him know that I wrote him a long letter but that it got burnt up.

                Mr. D – will tell you all you wish to know about myself and Georgy, and seeing that I am very apt to tire you with my nonsence

                I will bid you with love to all  good bye 


    From your off Son,


    E.W. Mudge

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March 7, 1863


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