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Alt-Wood Merchants Softball Team, 1963 State Champions


“Alt-Wood Merchants Softball Team, 1963 State Champions,” Madison Historical, accessed December 5, 2023,


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This clipping from the Alton Telegraph includes a photo of the local Alt-Wood Merchants Softball Team, which won the state championship in 1963. The local softball team was composed of men from the Alton-Wood River area. The photogrpah was included with the Telegraph's series, Our Past, and was submitted to the Telegraph by team member Noel "Butch" Rister, who is photographhed.

This clipping was scanned as part of a Madison Historical class visit to Civic Memorial High School in spring 2019. It was brought to class by Alexis Boverie.

From right to left:

Sitting front row: Bat Boy Bobby Wilson
Kneeling second row: Butch Rister, Buddy Noll, John Godar, Glenn Wintzen, manager Cal Johns, John Boverie, Wayne Simpson, Bob Cunningham.
Standing back row: Russ Davis, Bob Johnson, Denny Bruckert, Ron West, Rip Rappe, Leto Metz, Stan Fincher, Bob Garner, and Ken Zumwait.


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