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1958 Photograph of Chinatown Lake now known as Maryville Fishing Club Lake


“1958 Photograph of Chinatown Lake now known as Maryville Fishing Club Lake,” Madison Historical, accessed April 15, 2024,


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This is a color photograph taken in June of 1958 of the Pond that runs alongside Parkview Street in Maryville, Illinois. The pond is now known as the "Maryville Fishing Club Lake" inside Drost Park. It originally ran alongside the St. Louis Troy and Eastern Railroad line and Parkview Street known as Chinatown road at the turn of the century. The Pond is located across the street from Donk Company housing known as "Chinatown" which consisted of 41 housing lots.


  • Maryville
  • mining
  • Donk Brothers



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  • Black and white photographic print
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  • Maryville, Illinois
  • 1950s


  • MHM-P-0009
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