Bluffs and Piasa Bird, 2016

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October 30, 1942 Regional Sunday School Conference of the Assemblies of God This photograph was taken on October 30, 1942 at the Regional Sunday School Conference of the Assemblies of God churches located in or around Wood River, Illinois. The conference was hosted at First Assembly of God in Wood River, which was built in 1923 and located at 78 E Jennings Avenue in Wood River, Illinois. 1942 August 4, 2017
1945 Church of the Redeemer Congregational Church in Alton This photograph was taken in November 1945 as part of the commemoration of the Church of the Redeemer’s 75th anniversary. The church was first built in 1870 and was expanded in 1902. The building still stands at the intersection of Sixth and Henry Streets (600 Henry Street) in Alton, Illinois. As of July 2017, it is the site of the Whole Truth Church of Christ. November 1945 July 20, 2017
History of Livingston, Illinois, 1905 - 2005 This book was compiled in 2005 by the Livingston Centennial Committee for the centennial of Livingston, Illinois. It covers a variety of topics related to the history of Livingston. It was published both online and in print. 2005 June 12, 2017
Percy Heuer Oral History Interview In this oral history, Percy Heuer describes his life in Dorsey as a farmer and worker for the Illinois Department of Transportation. He discusses many experiences in Dorsey from the early 20th century to the 1980s. He also discusses some family history. August 23, 1988 April 25, 2017
Group Photo of Officers of Collinsville Chapter #666, Order of the Eastern Star, in 1932 This photograph shows the officers of Collinsville Chapter #666, Order of the Eastern Star, in 1932.

Left to right
First Row: Allice Gillespay, Mary A. Taylor, Margie Pfaff, Elizabeth Bowker, Myrtle Haddick, Alberta Hartman (Krite)

Second Row: Celeste Mashek (Thomas), Grace Elizabeth Orcutt, Worthy Matron, Allan Claus (the "Worthy Patron")

Third Row: Lillian Pointer, Leona Nichols, Hilda Riggin (Bitzer), Edw. J. Mashek, Kathryn Stehman (Orcutt), Martha Schwartz (Nieman), Mae Thompson (Claus)
1932 April 21, 2017
Paul Brazier Oral History Interview In this oral history, Paul Brazier describes bicycling and bike culture in Madison County from the late-1970s to the mid-1990s. Brazier discusses recreational, BMX, mountain bike, and road cycling, as well as cycling before the Madison County trail system. February 8, 2017 March 17, 2017
Kathy Piercy Oral History Interview In this interview, Kathy Piercy discusses her work with the Curtain's Up Theater Company, a community theater company in Madison County. She also discusses her job doing corporate productions for an accounting firm. October 8, 2016 March 10, 2017
Sally Burgess Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, Sally Burgess discusses her work as director and executive director of the Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois, which provides abortion care and counseling to women. She describes the various challenges of her work - both in providing abortion care to patients of the clinic and dealing with anti-abortion activists. October 13, 2016 February 9, 2017
Men Attending Mini Convention in Indiana Men Attending Mini Convention in Indiana. The man in the back row second from the right Henry L. Groeteka. Unknown December 8, 2016
Men Assembled With banners, flags, and ribbons Men Assembled With Banners, Flags, and Ribbons Unknown December 8, 2016