Great River Road, 2016

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Betty J. Vaughn Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, Betty J. Vaughn discusses her role as the first female supervisor of Olin Brass in East Alton. She also describes her childhood growing up on a farm in Bethalto and changes in Madison County throughout her life. 2018-07-10 September 16, 2018
Certificate of Baptism for Anne Louise Gregory, December 1, 1898 in Alton This is a certificate of baptism for Anne Louise Gregory (b. 1893) on December 1, 1898 in Alton. She was the daughter of Samuel Henry Gregory and Mary Martha Gregory and was baptized by Pastor Henry K. Sawborne. 1898 March 15, 2019
Charles Jackson  Oral History Interview In this oral history, Charles Jackson discusses his family's involvement with the Western Military Academy in Alton. He describes his experience of attending a military high school, as well as how the military academy prepped its cadets for careers in the service. He describes why the military academy was shut down, and later his career as an educator for Triad High School. July 16, 2017 February 2, 2018
Dave Knoche Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, Dave Knoche describes growing up in the Alton and Godfrey area in the 1980s and 90s as well as some of his education and experience in Montana and California. He also describes working for ADT Security, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Dow Screw Products in the Metro East. He then discusses joining his father's business, HGH Products, which manufactures steel and graphite parts for the glass bottle industry. October 17, 2016 January 30, 2017
Ed Hightower Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, Ed Hightower describes growing up as an African American in the South. He details the adversity he faced throughout his career in education, often being the only African American administrator within the district. He highlights his achievements at the Edwardsville superintendent and discusses his involvement with the Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities. September 28, 2017 January 10, 2018
Edward Hatten Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, Alton resident Edward Hatten discusses his experiences growing up during the Cold War.

This oral history was recorded as part of a Madison Historical class visit to Civic Memorial High School in spring 2018. It was conducted by William Davis.
April 22, 2018 August 9, 2018
Floor Plan for the New Lincoln School This floor plan was drawn by the Alton architecture firm L. Pfeiffenberger & Son for the building of a new Lincoln School for African American children in Edwardsville. The school building opened in 1912. Today, the building is home to the Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities. Circa 1911 October 13, 2016
Glass Mold Used By Owens-Illinois Glass Company This metal glass mold was used by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company to create drinking glasses. Unknown March 28, 2017
Hand Drawn Postcard of Illinois Glass Company Hand Drawn Postcard of Illinois Glass Company Unknown November 15, 2016
Herman Shaw Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, Herman Shaw describes his experiences with segregation and racial adversity throughout his life, both in his community and throughout his travels. He describes his experience as a young boy growing up in Missouri during the Great Depression and World War II. He then discusses his life after moving to Edwardsville in 1944 and how things have changed in that community over time. He describes how his education, his participation in sports, his service in the military, and key people in his life have influenced him. He also discusses his work at the Alton State Hospital, at University City High School, and his volunteer work with the Human Relations Commission in Edwardsville. February 12, 2018 April 18, 2018