Horseshoe Lake, 2016

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Shaft Bottom in Coal Mine #2 in Glen Carbon, Illinois Lights illuminating the shaft bottom in coal mine #2 in Glen Carbon, Illinois Unknown December 8, 2016
The caboose at Miner Park in Glen Carbon Caboose: In 1977 another unusual enterprise was undertaken by about 35 of our versatile citizenry. A railroad caboose had been donated by the community for display in Miner Park. The caboose was delivered to a siding near the old No. 2 Mine site. Getting the caboose to Miner Park would prove to be quite a project. First the site at the park had to be made ready. It had to be levelled, a rock bed prepared, ties laid, and rails anchored. It was amazing to see how steel workers, office workers, construction workers and retirees could manage this kind of work. Unknown December 8, 2016
View of lumber used for Mine #2 of the Madison Coal Corporation Photo of the stacks of lumber used inside of mine #2 in for Madison Coal Corporation in Glen Carbon. 1930 December 8, 2016
Young men standing outside of coal mine #2 by lumber stacks in Glen Carbon, Illinois. This photograph shows two men standing outside mine #2 at the Madison Coal Corporation in Glen Carbon. Roof supports are stacked alongside the railroad tracks. Unknown December 8, 2016