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Director of the St. Louis Smelting and Refining Co. William E. Newnam and an Associate, Dexter B. Followill, in his Office in 1916 This photograph shows the Director of the St. Louis Smelting and Refining Co. William E. Newnam and an associate, Dexter B. Followill, in Newnam's Office. The photo was taken January 18, 1916. January 18, 1916 March 21, 2019
William Iseminger Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, William (Bill) Iseminger, the assistant manager of Cahokia Mounds State Historic site, describes his career at the site and the broader history of the site in the 20th century. He also describes the archaeology work and its discoveries at the site. September 27, 2018 February 12, 2019
Jim Baima Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, Jim Baima discusses growing up in Collinsville as the son of Italian immigrants, his father's job as a coal miner, the Italian-American community in Collinsville, and studying at SIUE. October 10, 2018 January 24, 2019
Philip Rarick Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, Philip Rarick discusses growing up in Collinsville, his father’s role in local party politics of the Democratic Party, the development of the Madison County judicial system since the 1970s, and his time on the Supreme Court of Illinois. September 19, 2018 January 23, 2019
Elizabeth Christian Oral History Interview In this interview, Elizabeth Christian discusses her childhood in Collinsville, Illinois, during the 1970s and 1980s. Elizabeth discusses her time at Metro East Lutheran High School, comparisons between cities in Madison County, and her career at SIUE during the 1980s. Elizabeth also talks about race relations and demographics in the county. October 24, 2018 December 11, 2018
1957 CHS The Kahoki School Paper This is the vol. XXXIII No. 7 of the Collinsville High School Newpaper, "The Kahoki," from January 18, 1957 1957 November 15, 2018
Ruben Mendoza Oral History Interview This oral history interview with Ruben Mendoza was part of oral histories conducted in the fall 2001 semester of History 447: Oral History.

In this oral history interview, Ruben Mendoza discusses his career as a soccer player and coach. He describes growing up in Lincoln Place and moving to Mexico at the age of eight in the late 1930s, where he discovered soccer. After moving back to Lincoln Place, he played soccer for St. Louis teams and played for the United States in the 1958 World Cup and in the 1952, '56, and '60 Olympics. He also discusses how he expanded soccer programs in Lincoln Place, Granite City, and the larger Metro East region as a coach starting in the 1960s. This interview had no transcript in the original archive. It was transcribed by Madison Historical staff.

There were two interviews conducted with Ruben Mendoza as part of the course. The other interview was conducted by Lisa Smithe.
October 30, 2001 September 2, 2018
Brooks Finer Foods Catsup Catalog Brooks Finer Foods Catsup Catalog was produced by the G.S. Suppiger Company in St. Louis, Missouri. This catalog was for sales representatives to showcase Brooks Catsup and its facilities, manufacturing locations, store displays, awards, and advertisements. Circa 1950 November 3, 2017
Miss Mary Morris' Class at McKinley School in Collinsville, circa 1911 This is a photo shows Mary Morris' class at McKinley School in Collinsville around the year 1911. Circa 1911 October 26, 2017
Students of Collinsville Township High School in 1926 This photograph is of students of Collinsville Township High School Class in 1926. Women are in the center while the men are on either side of them. 1926 October 26, 2017