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1940 Ticket for Evangelical Lecture in Granite City<br /><br />
This ticket for an evangelical lecture belonged to Granite City resident Ernie J. Vaught. He attended the event at 7:30 p.m. on June 24, 1940 with his son William. The Big Tent was set up near 1800 Adams St. where Prairie Farms Dairy is now. The ticket for the event cost 35 cents. Charles Forbes Taylor (born 1899) was a traveling Baptist evangelist and author. Also featured on this card is Charles Taylor's brother, Laurie, who was also a minister, pianist, and composer. He often accompanied his brother Charles at evangelical events.

This certificate was digitized by Kelli Killion as part of History 400: Community-Engaged Digital History.
June 24, 1940 September 15, 2018