Great River Road, 2016

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David Miller Oral History Interview In this interview, David Miller discusses his career in airport management and his time at the St. Louis Regional Airport in East Alton. He details how he gained experience with aircraft while serving in the military, the details of and difficulties in managing airports, and what makes St. Louis Regional Airport unique. July 13, 2018 September 28, 2018
Kenneth Quinlan Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, Bethalto resident Kenneth Quinlan discusses his experiences growing up during the Cold War and as a veteran of the Vietnam War.

This oral history was recorded as part of a Madison Historical class visit to Civic Memorial High School in spring 2018. It was conducted by Joel Barker.
April 22, 2018 August 9, 2018
Charles Woodford Oral History Interview This oral history interview with Charles Woodford was part of oral histories conducted in the fall 2001 semester of History 447: Oral History.

Charles A. Woodford talks at length about his experience as a B-17 tail-gunner in World War II. He also discusses his childhood in Iowa, a career as an air force employee, and life in the Lincoln Place neighborhood.
November 8, 2001 March 18, 2018
Rita Bonds Oral History Interview Rita Bonds describes her experiences living in different states with her husband, who was in the Air Force. She also describes working for Owens-Illinois Glass Company in Alton, Illinois. She briefly discusses her work as secretary for the NAACP in Alton. October 16, 2016 January 27, 2017