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Original 1818 Town Plan of Alton by Rufus Easton This town plan for Alton was plotted by St. Louis resident and Missouri territory delegate Rufus Easton in 1817. He named the town in honor of his son, Alton R. Easton. This plat also shows Langdon, Alby, and George streets, which Easton likely named after some of his other children. According to writing on the plat, Rufus Easton signed and delivered the plat on January 1, 1818. It was then approved on March 26, 1818 by John T. Lusk, a justice of the peace for Madison County. There are two copies: the first is on cloth; the second on paper. The map shows the property divisions of the town, including which properties were already sold. The edge of the Mississippi River is also visible, on which the river landing is planned and a promenade set aside for common use. January 1, 1818 March 10, 2017
1840 Aggregate Census of Madison County This is a transcribed copy of the 1840 federal census of Madison County, including data on the county as a whole and specific towns and precincts. The page this was taken from lists every county that existed in Illinois in 1840; this copy only lists Madison County. It includes population data broken down by race, gender, and age, including the number of enslaved and free African Americans. It also lists the number of people with disabilities broken down by race and age, as well as the number of people employed in agriculture and various industries. In addition, it lists the number of various types of schools and the number of students at each type of school. 1840 August 7, 2017
1878 Death Certificate for Gillian Austermell This death certificate is the oldest death certificate on file at the Madison County Clerk's Office in Edwardsville. Gillian Austermell died January 7, 1878 at the age of five days old in Alton.

This certificate was scanned by the Keith Sternberg as a part of History 400: Community-Engaged Digital History.
January 10, 1878 September 16, 2019
1895 Treasurer’s Annual Report for the Church of the Redeemer in Alton This three-page typed document is the annual financial report of the treasurer of Church of the Redeemer in Alton, Illinois in 1895. The report covers the fiscal year starting October 1, 1894 and ending October 1, 1895. The Church of the Redeemer was built in 1870, changed its name to First Congregational Church in the middle of the twentieth century, and closed its doors in the latter half of the century. The building still stands at the intersection of Sixth and Henry Streets (600 Henry Street) in Alton. As of September 2018, it is the site of the Whole Truth Church of Christ.

This newsletter was digitized by Phillip Schneider as part of History 400: Community-Engaged Digital History.
1895-10-01 September 16, 2018
Panoramic Photo of the Illinois Glass Company This panoramic photo shows works of the Illinois Glass Company in 1897 August 6, 1897 November 15, 2016
Certificate of Baptism for Anne Louise Gregory, December 1, 1898 in Alton This is a certificate of baptism for Anne Louise Gregory (b. 1893) on December 1, 1898 in Alton. She was the daughter of Samuel Henry Gregory and Mary Martha Gregory and was baptized by Pastor Henry K. Sawborne. 1898 March 15, 2019
The Rational Spelling Book, 1898, owned by Alton Resident Viola Thompson This 1898 spelling book, "The Rational Spelling Book, Part II" was owned by Alton resident Viola Thompson, whose name is handwritten on the book's front pastedown. The book is intended for fourth grade students and older and may have been used in an Alton classroom. The book includes numerous words for spelling practice and spelling rules from the late 19th century.

This book was scanned as part of a Madison Historical class visit to Civic Memorial High School in spring 2019. It was brought to class by Hana Harlan.
1898 May 21, 2019
"Diamond I" Products Catalog for the Illinois Glass Company This catalog for the Illinois Glass Company, later the Owens-Illinois Glass Company, shows many of the company's products and gives other information about the company. 1900 - 1929 February 24, 2017
Workers Inside Owens-Illinois Glass Factory Groups of workers at a series of work stations at Illinois Glass Co. factory in Alton, Illinois in 1909 1909 November 15, 2016
Floor Plan for the New Lincoln School This floor plan was drawn by the Alton architecture firm L. Pfeiffenberger & Son for the building of a new Lincoln School for African American children in Edwardsville. The school building opened in 1912. Today, the building is home to the Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities. Circa 1911 October 13, 2016