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Glass Mold Used By Owens-Illinois Glass Company This metal glass mold was used by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company to create drinking glasses. Unknown March 28, 2017
"Diamond I" Products Catalog for the Illinois Glass Company This catalog for the Illinois Glass Company, later the Owens-Illinois Glass Company, shows many of the company's products and gives other information about the company. 1900 - 1929 February 24, 2017
Rita Bonds Oral History Interview Rita Bonds describes her experiences living in different states with her husband, who was in the Air Force. She also describes working for Owens-Illinois Glass Company in Alton, Illinois. She briefly discusses her work as secretary for the NAACP in Alton. October 16, 2016 January 27, 2017
Workers Inside Owens-Illinois Glass Factory Groups of workers at a series of work stations at Illinois Glass Co. factory in Alton, Illinois in 1909 1909 November 15, 2016
Office Employees of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company Office employees of Owens-Illinois Glass, with 9 men and 6 women. First from the left in the first row is company co-founder Edward Levis, and third from the left is Geo. McClellon Levis. Unknown November 15, 2016
Wicker Room Crew at Owens-Illinois Glass Factory The Wicker Room Crew (23 females 9 males) standing outside of the factory featuring glass bottles with wicker tightly woven around them. Unknown November 15, 2016
Worker at Owens-Illinois Glass Factory in 1973 Photograph of a worker using glass-making machinery at the Owens-Illinois factory. June 25, 1973 November 15, 2016
Outside the Owens-Illinois Glass Factory This photograph of the Owens-Illinois Glass Factory was taken from the entrance by the railroad tracks. Unknown November 15, 2016
Aerial View of Owens-Illinois Glass Factory, Alton, and Mississippi River Aerial photograph of Owens-Illinois Glass Factory and the Mississippi River during the Mississippi Flood in 1973. April 6, 1973 November 15, 2016
Proposed Design for Souvenir Glassware for the Alton Plant Centennial<br /><br />
This hand drawing is of a proposed design for a souvenir glass for the centennial of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company in July 1973. The design includes gold leaf and the company's logo. 1973 November 15, 2016