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1908 Postcard of Leclaire in Edwardsville, Illinois This is a postcard dated October 3, 1908 depicting a scene in Leclaire in Edwardsville, Illinois. It is addressed to Miss Martha Criley of Indianapolis, Indiana. It reads: "My dear Miss Criley, Don't you think my building and grounds are nice looking. I have every thing my own way. I often wonder what to do next, but I have no one to ask so I go ahead and do. I am enjoying life these days, hope you are. Love to you, Esther" 1908 November 15, 2018
1913 Postcard of the Original Edwardsville High School Building This is a postcard dated May 31, 1913 depicting the first building of Edwardsville High School. Today the building is Columbus Elementary School in Edwardsville. It is addressed to Miss Sophie Schollenberg of St. Louis, MO. It reads: "(illegible) how are you? I have been wanting to write to you for a long time But we have been so busy cleaning house since I'm home. Just about finished now. Am looking for Emma and Anna Bien (illegible). Do you still like it in St. Louis? One of my girl friends worked at Richards. Love Emma" 1913 November 15, 2018
1936 Postcard of the Second Edwardsville High School Building This is a postcard dated September 17, 1936, depicting the second Edwardsville High School Building. Today the building is home to Lincoln Middle School. The postcard is addressed to Mrs. Loretta Prettir of Wausau, Wisconsin. The message reads: "Dear Loretta my love (illegible). Bill just sent me your card from Rockford, I sure was sorry not to have been home when you went (illegible) Miluakee I been here now for 3 weeks. Bill mother broke her hips, she's in bed now for 4 weeks. I'll be home next week." September 17, 1936 November 15, 2018
Children in a Back Yard in Collinsville circa 1915 A photo of children in the back yard of a home in circa 1915. Circa 1915 October 25, 2017
Hand Drawn Postcard of Illinois Glass Company Hand Drawn Postcard of Illinois Glass Company Unknown November 15, 2016
Postcard of a coal mine in Glen Carbon, Illinois October 5, 1910 December 8, 2016
Postcard of the Brick Yard Pond in Glen Carbon Postcard reads: To Mr. Jerry Mashek
G.Carbon, Ill, Nov 25, 1909
Dear Bro.,
I received a letter from Ida yesterday saying they were coming, but I suppose you known it by this time, so I’ll be looking for you. How about Tod, tell him to let me know if they are coming. Hoping this finds you all well and Pa still improving.
Unknown December 8, 2016