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"Roxoleum" The Roxana Petroleum Company Magazine from March 1918 This issue, “Lifeblood of the Navy,” is Volume I No. III, was published in March 1918. “Roxoleum”, the company publication of Roxana Petroleum Corporation, was a series of magazines published over the course of three years, starting during WWI as a link between the company and service members. This monthly magazine was named “Dawn” and underwent a name change in 1918. The magazine features poems, cartoons, short stories, company information, letters from soldiers, photos, celebrations, pictorials of employees who are service members, and much more. The information was largely contributed by employees and staff members. In the last issue of the magazine the President van der Gracht stated, “We have been feeling, of late, that ‘Roxoleum,’ which was created as a special periodical for times of unusual disturbance, and as a tie between the staff at home and our boys at the battle front or in the training camps, has now fulfilled its purpose and that we can lay it to rest with this issue.” March 1918 November 6, 2017