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Shell Oil Company Souvenir Guide to Wood River Refinery This souvenir guide was produced by the Shell Oil Company to visitors of the Wood River refinery. The guide explains the history of the refinery, the refining process, and the research involved in refining. There are also several maps and figures as well as many images of the Wood River refinery included in the souvenir guide. July 28, 1948 November 15, 2018
1968 Shell Review, Vol. 31 – No. 10, Shell Oil Company Newsletter <br /><br />
This Shell Oil Company Newsletter from 1968 provides information on employee families, company accomplishments, news about promotions, retirements, service anniversaries, and new upcoming products.

This newsletter was digitized by Trent Morgan as part of History 400: Community-Engaged Digital History.
May 17, 1968 September 16, 2018