Great River Road, 2016

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1950s Workers of the Stanolind "A" This is a black and white photograph from the early 1950s of fourteen men and two women aboard the Stanolind "A." On the back of the photograph, the names of those pictured are listed. Top row: Skipper Joe Means, Chief Engineer Tom Wells, Pilot Vernon Eggenberg. Second Row: Charles Sontag (deckhand), Orville Noltensmeyer (first mate), Vick Kramer (second mate), Richard Hartsock (oiler), Noltensmeyer (deckhand). Third Row: Mrs. Ringhausen (first cook), Mr. Ringhausen (second cook), Susie Poore (maid), Baker (deckhand), Leroy Monje (engineer), (tankerman), Clem Shornhorst (engineer), Clifford Clifton (deckhand). Circa 1950s November 13, 2018