Great River Road, 2016

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Brick Yard Workers Brick Yard Workers Unknown December 8, 2016
The St. Louis Brick Yard Workers The St. Louis Press Brick Company was once of the interests of the Niedringhaus Family of Granite City and St. Louis. The brick ward began operations about 1891 and was the largest brick manufacturing plant in the State of Illinois at the time. The company earned a reputation as manufacturing the finest bricks to be found and local lore insists that the company produced all of the bricks used in the construction of the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. In addition to manufacturing paving and building bricks, the company produced beautiful decorative bricks. Hundreds of men from neighboring communities where employed by the brick company. Several boarding houses as well as rows of “company houses” were constructed for employees. The employees had their own ball team, an active union, and a park for social activities. Unknown December 8, 2016