Great River Road, 2016

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Sally Burgess Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, Sally Burgess discusses her work as director and executive director of the Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois, which provides abortion care and counseling to women. She describes the various challenges of her work - both in providing abortion care to patients of the clinic and dealing with anti-abortion activists. October 13, 2016 February 9, 2017
Original 1818 Town Plan of Alton by Rufus Easton This town plan for Alton was plotted by St. Louis resident and Missouri territory delegate Rufus Easton in 1817. He named the town in honor of his son, Alton R. Easton. This plat also shows Langdon, Alby, and George streets, which Easton likely named after some of his other children. According to writing on the plat, Rufus Easton signed and delivered the plat on January 1, 1818. It was then approved on March 26, 1818 by John T. Lusk, a justice of the peace for Madison County. There are two copies: the first is on cloth; the second on paper. The map shows the property divisions of the town, including which properties were already sold. The edge of the Mississippi River is also visible, on which the river landing is planned and a promenade set aside for common use. January 1, 1818 March 10, 2017
1834 to 1857 Plats of Madison County by County Surveyor Benaiah Robinson These three volumes were created in 1915 by Madison County Recorder John Berner, who copied the original record books created by Madison County Surveyor Benaiah Robinson and his staff. The original plats were drawn during Robinson's time as county surveyor in the 19th century. The earliest plat is from 1834 (page 74 of Book B), and the latest plat is from 1857 (page 244 of Book B). 1834 - 1857 May 8, 2017
1869 to 1871 Road Plats of Madison County by Surveyor Don Alonzo Spaulding These road plats were created by Don Alonzo Spaulding from 1869 to 1871. On March 25, 1869, Spaulding was employed by the county court of Madison County to survey all state and county roads in Madison County for public record. The plats were completed by 1871, and the county court approved them as legal evidence on September 14, 1871. The plats were to be kept in the county clerk's office. Today, they are located in the office of the Madison County Recorder. The plats were used as evidence in a 1879 civil suit between The Edwardsville Railroad Company and Seth T. Sawyer. 1871 May 15, 2017
History of Livingston, Illinois, 1905 - 2005 This book was compiled in 2005 by the Livingston Centennial Committee for the centennial of Livingston, Illinois. It covers a variety of topics related to the history of Livingston. It was published both online and in print. 2005 June 12, 2017
History of Madison County Jail, 1814 - 1906, by Evelyn Bowles This pamphlet about the history of the Madison County Jail from 1814 to 1906 was written by Evelyn Bowles, then the chief deputy clerk of the Madison County Board of Supervisors. Bowles first presented the pamphlet at the March 1960 meeting of the Land O'Goshen Historical Society. The Edwardsville Intelligencer then published the pamphlet serially in seven parts, starting on March 15, 1960 and concluding on March 23, 1960. Bowles was later elected as Madison County Clerk in 1974 and served as an Illinois state senator representing the 56th Senate District from 1994 to 2002. March 1960 February 12, 2018
Margaret Nonn Oral History Interview This oral history interview with Margaret Nonn was part of oral histories conducted in the fall 2001 semester of History 447: Oral History.

Margaret Nonn was born in Lincoln Place to German immigrant parents and lived in the area for over eighty years. In this interview, she talks about the rivalry between Lincoln Place and West Granite, her life growing up in the Lincoln Place community, the diversity of the community and the struggles it experienced due to it, working in a ‘rag shop’ in St. Louis, becoming a bailiff at Madison County Jail, and religious aspects of her life.
November 6, 2001 March 17, 2018
Stephanie Robbins Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, Stephanie Robbins describes her experiences as an attorney in Madison County. She discusses her role as the first female assistant state's attorney in Madison County in the 1970s, particularly her success in helping to achieve rape convictions. She further talks about her experience as a special public defender, as well as the Democratic Party Machine in Madison County in the 70s and Madison County's reputation as a "judicial hellhole." She also briefly discusses her short time as a Spanish professor at SIUE in the early 70s and her experiences as a woman in law school. January 30, 2018 May 7, 2018
William (Bill) Haine Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, State Senator William (Bill) Haine discusses his childhood in Alton, Illinois, his career in the law, and his time as an Illinois state senator. May 4, 2018 July 27, 2018
Beth Warnecke Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, Beth Warnecke discusses growing up in Glen Carbon, having a father active in law and the Democratic Party, going to high school in Highland, working for the Cardinals and the Blues, and starting and managing her own art business: Classic Creations Painting. October 7, 2018 December 6, 2018