Horseshoe Lake, 2016

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Madison Coal Corporation Mine #4 Glen Carbon A strike went into effect on March of 1906. It was reported that over half a million workmen and their families were affected by a cessation of work. Locally it meant that 10 or 15 foreign-born citizens who worked in the mines made extended visits back to their homelands. Since the strike appeared to be lengthy, the Madison Coal Corporation took 52 mules out of #2 and #4 mines. Since the mules had not been out of the mines for several years, citizens were amused to see the antics of the animals as they kicked up their heels in the enjoyment of the warm sunlight. Mining operations were abandoned at No. 1 Mine around the turn of the century because of water seepage problems and Mine No. 4 ceased operating around 1914. Unknown December 8, 2016
Image of coal mine #4 Engine House in Glen Carbon, Illinois. Madison Coal Corporation No. 4 Mine Engine House still stands and is occupied as a private dwelling located on a private drive on right side of Meridian Hills just after the railroad track crossing about a third of a mile north of the covered bridge. The mine was sunk circa 1892, but mining operations were abandoned just after the turn of the century due to water seepage. Unknown December 8, 2016