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Bernard Long, Jr. Oral History Interview This interview with Bernard Long, Jr. discusses life in Madison, Illinois ca 1980s to the present, He is the music band director at Madison High School and is a well-respected musician in the Greater St. Louis Metro Area. October 18, 2023 November 15, 2023
Martha Roberts Oral History In this oral history interview, Martha Roberts describes her experiences with the Alton Municipal (Muny) Band since the 1980s. She discusses the band's history and her role as the band manager for the past five years.

Please note: Initial audio recording on October 11 malfunctioned and recorded only the last portion of the interview. The interviewer recorded the first portion of the interview again on October 17.
October 11, 2018 to October 17, 2018 December 6, 2018
Ken Conrady Oral History Interview In this oral history interview, Ken Conrady describes his long career leading the Alton Youth Symphony. Conrady describes the symphony's early years, its relationship with local schools, and how it has changed over the decades. October 11, 2018 December 4, 2018
Program for the 1937 Edwardsville High School Band Concert This program is for the Edwardsville High School Band Concert performance on February 2, 1937. In this program you will find the music selection, the band ensemble, and history of the band. 1937 December 1, 2018
1950s Photograph Red Crown Band Candid This is a black and white candid photograph of the Red Crown Band playing instruments in the 1950s. The band was established in 1953. Unknown November 19, 2018
1953 Standard Oil Attenuate Club Meeting Band Performance This is a black and White photograph of Standard Oil Attenuate Club Band with " Standard Oil Attenuate band 1953" written on the back of the image. There are four copies of the photograph located within the Wood River Museum's Band folder. A second copy is labeled with names and information on back in cursive writing. A cardstock print has no supplemental information. A printed paragraph is taped on the back of a black piece of paper. Supplemental information is attached to one image, including a small descriptive paragraph and names of persons photographed. Unknown November 19, 2018
1950s Standard Oil Company Red Crown Band Photograph This is a 1950s photograph of a photograph of the Red Crown Band posing next to a brick building in uniforms. This digital scan only includes the framed photograph held by a man. The man holding the photograph has been cropped out. 1953 November 19, 2018
1920s Standard Oil Company Wood River Refinery Band This is a black and white photo of the Standard Oil Company "Famous Forty" band. The band is posed outdoors with their instruments. This photo was used in newspaper clippings and those clippings have descriptions with names of those included. See the 1920 "Original Famous Forty" Standard Oil Company Band image. Unknown November 19, 2018
1920 "Original Famous Forty" Standard Oil Company Band This is a newspaper clipping displaying the "Original Famous Forty" Standard Oil Company Band in 1920. The clipping includes the names of the persons pictured. 1920s November 19, 2018
1920s Formal Band Photograph of Standard Oil Company Band This is an albumen print of a formally posed photograph of the Standard Oil Company Band. 1920s November 19, 2018