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Boys and Girls after First Communion Ceremony


“Boys and Girls after First Communion Ceremony ,” Madison Historical, accessed February 25, 2024,


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Boys and Girls after First Communion Ceremony . Front Row from Left to Right: Charles Henry, DeVere Neutzling, Lawrence Sasek, Leo Mateyka, Melvin Mateyka, Harold Ernst, Lenhordt Kanturek, Roman Stolcis, Charles Biarkis, Francis Mateyka, Leonard Scheibal, Alvin Scheibal.
Middle Row from Left to Right: Anna Bollinger, Marian (Hilla) Hackethal, Thelma Becker, Gloria Piazzi, Evelyn (Viere) Wiechman, Helen Slemmer, Dorothy Skubic, Charlotte (Henry) Evenocheck, Lillian (Sedlacek) Weiler, Elizabeth Luksan, Anges Kramer, Anna (Bezdek) Harris, Katherine Kruse, Jennie (Ranek) Dickshot, Rose (Henry) Kolesa, Blanche Neutzling, Frances Ambrozat, Helen (Nicolussi) Garcia.
Back Row from Left to Right: Joseph Mateyka, Lillian Zajicek, Hedwig (Kohanski) Cerny, Joseph Jaros, John Spivak, Stanley Spivak, Anthony Jaros, Joseph Scheibal, Rev. Charles A. Meagher, Lawrence Scheibal, Leroy Scheibal, Robert Kubicek, Stanley Biarkis, unidentified, Margaret (Kovarik) Stoces, Gladys (Kubicek) Schlueten, Ray Kubicek,

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