Bluffs and Piasa Bird, 2016

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Clover Leaf Train Station at Glen Carbon This station was located east of Meridian Road between the tracks just north of Miner Park. The Clover Leaf later became the Nickel Plate Railroad. J. F. Dickman was the railroad agent. Coal mine No. 1 is at the far right. A brick structure of the mine is now occupied as a residence. Meridian road is on the far left. January 1900 December 8, 2016
Clover Leaf Train Station Clover Leaf Train Station right after it was moved to Glen Carbon. The name is not painted on the station yet. Madison Coal Corporation Mine No. 1 is in the background. The man in the photo is J. F. Dickman the railroad agent. January 26, 1900 December 8, 2016