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Madison County Board of Education Notes on Types of Districts These notes describe the different type of school districts in Illinois in the 1950s 1950s February 28, 2017
A Summary of the Community Unit District Law This is a summary of the Illinois state law known as House Bill 575. It describes how a school district becomes a community unit district. July 21, 1947 February 28, 2017
How Madison County School Districts Were Organized This document details the way in which Madison County schools were organized prior to voter consolidation and renumeration and how the process of consolidation and renumeration occurred. October 30, 1973 February 28, 2017
Madison County School Districts 1956-1957 This is a list of Madison County Community Unit Schools and what subsidiary schools encompass the district. These districts reflect the renumeration of Madison County Schools. 1956 February 28, 2017
Memorandum on Illinois School District Organization from the Superintendent of Public Instruction This 1968 memorandum was sent from the Superintendent of Public Instruction to county superintendents and school administrators in Illinois. It discusses the creation of the Department of School District Organization. It further expresses the ability for school districts to consolidate based on county resident popular vote. It speaks to the amount of state aid that funds consolidated schools and discusses the importance of working together to maintain the integrity of education. March 4, 1968 February 28, 2017
Memo and List of Schools in Madison County in 1907 This memo highlights a request from a resident of Highland Illinois to gain more information about what schools were in the area in 1907. The typed page is the response from the school district. July 27, 1970 February 28, 2017
Letter From Assistant Superintendent of Illinois Approving Renumeration in Madison County This letter approves the renumerating of consolidated Madison County Schools in numeric order. June 8, 1956 February 28, 2017
Resolution of Madison County Office of Education Renumerating Venice School District This school board resolution renumerates the Venice school district to Community Unit School District #3. July 1, 1957 February 28, 2017