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1958 Alton Evening Telegraph Clipping of Five Generations of the Thorpe Family


Alton Evening Telegraph, “1958 Alton Evening Telegraph Clipping of Five Generations of the Thorpe Family,” Madison Historical, accessed June 23, 2024,


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This Alton Evening Telegraph Clipping from April 14, 1958 features the 15 ancestors of Steven Thorpe and Susan Denise Thorpe who attended Steven's christening at St. Paul's Evangelical Church in Edwardsville on Sunday, April 13, 1958. Also included is the original photograph printed in the Telegraph. In the front row of the photograph are Stephen and Susan's parents, Roblee and Charlene Thorpe of Marine.

Also in the photo are Roblee's parents: Orville Thorpe and Bernice Bauer Thorpe of Poag, Edwardsville, Orville's parents Charles Thorpe and Mary Gloss Thorpe of Edwardsville, and Bernice's parents Fred Bauer and Mary Hlad Bauer of Edwardsville. On Charlene's side are her parents: Walter and Edith Ringering of Poag, Edwardsville, Walter's parents Barney H. Ringering and Margaret Klenke Ringering of Edwardsville, Margaret's mother Lena Klenke of Edwardsville, Edith's parents Emil and Clara Hessel of Marine, and Clara's parents John O'Neil and Emma Levicy Grange O'Neil of South Roxana.

This clipping was scanned as part of a Madison Historical class visit to Civic Memorial High School in spring 2019. It was brought to class by Susan's grandaughter, Kimberly Seeley.


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April 13, 1958

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